Your Music Career Success – 4 things that can kill it

by Misbaudeen Adeshina



What You Must Avoid Inorder to Have a Long-Lasting Music career

Are you at the beginning or peak of your music career success? These are four things you should have in mind.


Music is an aspect of art that integrates art and culture.


It is, at times, regard to as a universal language, and you can’t stop listening to music because you find it appealing to your soul and ear.

For example, we do see an English person dancing and lip-synching to Italian sound even though he or she doesn’t understand a word from the song.


Good music breaks any barrier, be it language or what part of the world you live in. We won’t be able to enjoy the creativity and entertainment that ought to be inculcated in the heart of music if talented musicians don’t surround us.


As a novice or veteran in the music industry, you might be wondering why you are no longer getting the positive energy from your fan base. It means you’ve stopped making good music.

So, the time is now right for you to reflect on your art. From this end, I can’t tell you point-blank that this is the plight. But I can walk you through four things that might kill your music career success.

Here are four things that might give you set-backs in your career:


Lack of consistency

For you to succeed in any career, you must be consistent in whatever positive things that keep paying your bills.

Some musicians ended up becoming a “one-hit wonder” because he or she allowed the feedbacks from their listeners to get into their head. For you to be successful in this GAME. Yes! I called it a game because only the winners get to enjoy the victory.

So for you to be a winner you must never relent on your efforts, keep on pushing it might be frustrating at first, but it is what it is, you might be a talented artist, but if you don’t put in work, your talent is as good as nothing.


Fear or putting too much pressure on yourself

Fear is phenomenal in human, learning how to get past it, is what makes us a survivor in life.

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As a musician, you should never doubt yourself, talent, nor your career, If it is really what you want to do for a living.

The fear of not being good enough, not making enough money(greed) the way you should. The fear of not succeeding in your career, all these negative thoughts would quickly derail your career as a musician in a blink of an eye.

Do not put pressure on yourself, work hard, and be focus on your artistry because this is the only way you can get rid of those negative thoughts of yours.


Lack of flexibility in your art

Some musicians are so rigid in their art in the sense that they do not believe in change talk more about changing. Music is not a conventional career that promises returns and recognition forever, it changes, and if you’re not willing to change towards its direction, it kills your chances of succeeding in your music career.


You have to be versatile. Don’t be an RNB singer alone mix it with Hip-Hop. Don’t be a reggae artiste beef it up with some jazz or whatever kind of music you could dive into.

People have different tastes for music. But if you are universal. Your music career success is a far cry compared to musicians that dwell on type of music.



Some talented musicians have gone into extinction all because of their bad attitude. For you to have a successful music career, you must always portray a good image of yourself to the public. Especially your fans and the media, because there are a lot of OAPs, promoters, bloggers that are always ready to put an end to your music career over the slightest mistake.


Don’t be pompous. Always be humble. Don’t hold grudges, which is common among musicians. They are always coming at each other, getting jealous over other people’s success would do you no good. You need to always try to heal people with your music.


Your charismatic matters a lot. Nobody likes a musician without a good eye for fashion, you have to be fashionable and elegant at all times.

Lastly, never showcase your personal life to the public unless it is necessary.

Poor management can also kill your chance of succeeding in your music career. So you have to have good management to succeed.


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