What is your Career? Learn What Your Career is

by Misbaudeen Adeshina



Here’s What No One Tells You About Your Career

Did someone just pop the question of what is your career to you? Forget about answering that question and just focus on what it means to you, is it your job? What you plan to do? Where you plan to work? What you’re currently doing?

What is a Career?

There are various definitions for a career. A lot of individuals believe a career is your job.

However, it is more than just your job, it’s actually what you do for a living. It simply implies staying in the same kind of work which could be an internship or volunteer service. It is something you choose and decided to pursue yourself. In a situation where you let others influence you in choosing one, then I would probably call it your job and not your career.

It is a common thing today where you see a lot of people spending a good number of their time searching and working on a job instead of focusing on their chosen career. When you pop up a question to someone of what their career is, instead of asking about their job, it tends to make the individual feel tense, dumbfounded, and uncomfortable. A lot of people have a different opinion about it and some don’t currently see a career in their current job.

I understand that it’s been a while that you have been at your current job but that doesn’t actually make it your career. If you have the option of starting afresh, would you still choose your current work? Think of yourself as a fresh graduate, do you see yourself seeking for the current job again? In a situation where you can’t, then your current work is your job and not your career.

Some years back, I was once in your shoe, fresh from school, I was successfully employed as a teacher, I loved impacting lives. But after working for 10 years, I looked back and realized I don’t want to be a teacher again, although, I still love and enjoy impacting lives with my knowledge and I can still consider doing as a side hustle or a hobby but I see that my career lies elsewhere.

And when I decided to pursue a new career, I was in a state of perplexity. And then I decided to ignore the past and just focus on the future and sees it as having a fresh start. I then decided to widen my knowledge of my career.

Sit down for a moment, and provide a truthful answer to the following question; What exactly is my career about? Do I have any contribution to my current position?  Do I have any influence on the company? Ask yourself how you’re contributing to the development and execution of affairs in the company. How has your chosen job help improved or affect the lives of others?

Once you have your answer to the question, the next is to determine whether this is really you, and is it what you exactly want? If you think your current position doesn’t suit you or doesn’t portray who you are, then you have a choice.

The decision on your choice of career solely lies with you. Your life is the most precious thing you’ve got. I don’t see a reason why you need to decide to waste it. Don’t let friends or families influence your choice of career. Let your decision stands and they would have no other option than to support you.


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