Travel Business – How To Get Started Now

by Atupa
Travel Business


The Ultimate Revelation Of Travel Business

In this modern age, there are a lot of things you can do from home and get paid for.  It ranges from blogging, freelance writing, online marketing, traveling agency, and lots more. You can venture into traveling business from your comfort zone with ease and still enjoy a huge benefit from a multi-billion dollar online travel agency with little start-up cost. You can gear your home travel business towards helping travelers to book their tickets from travel industries.

One beautiful thing about this business is you have options when it comes to how you’ll operate your business. You can decide to venture into all kinds of travel or choose a particular niche. Starting any business is “no walk in a park” but having someone around you to advise you will go a long to help. So, I’ll walk you through on how you can start your own travel business and start making millions from it. Here are the steps to follow

Get a capital

No matter how small the business is you still need a capital to start up. Always save for a rainy day.

Equip yourself

You don’t need a college degree in business-related courses or computer. Start your home travel business and still benefit from other conglomerate travel agencies by signing up for classes or attending seminars under traveling related courses which will expose you to different types of bookings, reservations, and legalities. Sign up for computer classes to improve your proficiency.

Think about how you want to carry out your business

You have to do a lot of serious thinking if you intend to break even in this travel business. It is highly competitive, you have to know the nooks and crannies of every movement and update involve in the travel business for you to survival nothing good comes easy. You can start as a referral agent, franchise with a host agent, or start independently. As a referral agent, all you do is refer clients to an already established travel industry and get paid for each client. Franchise under a host means you will have the access to book reservations and tickets using the host contact but your gain would be the commission on it. Starting independently means you have to create your own pipeline which can be a little bit tedious at first but you will get past it eventually.

Identify your niche

Starting a travel business without choosing a niche for your business is like waiting for a train to catch in an airport. You have to decide whether you will venture into all kinds of travel or focus on a particular area. You need to do market research or carry out a feasibility study before choosing your niche.

Register with a host agent

If you prefer to be under a hosting company you have to register with them this would give you access to their system to book reservations and tickets.

Get a computer reservation system

If you’ve decided to go solo you will need a CRS to have access to a wide variety of reservations directly from travel suppliers.

Billing strategy

The essence of any business is to minimize cost and maximize profit. Nobody likes running loss in his or her dealings and nobody likes getting swindled by unscrupulous businessmen. This implies making inquiries first on how that agency bill their clients. Don’t set the bar too your high for your client, they might never come back. So, bill wisely.

Give your business a name

Creating a brand for one business is one of the key factors to be successful in business. You can either your host agent name or give it a new one which will sound appealing to your customers.

Create a business plan

Your business plan should solve the following puzzles

  • What are the startup and ongoing costs?
  • Who is/are your target market?
  • How much to bill your clients?
  • The name and location of your home travel business

Register your business

You must have to register your business if you want to be fully recognized by clients that need your services. If you base in Nigeria you can register your travel business with CAC Cooperates Affairs Commission and you should also get your business insured.

Advertise your business

There are so many advertising agencies now you can pay to spread the word for you. You can also advertise your business via social media. Go extra miles to create a social platform for your business. It would serve as a means to promote your home travel business services.

Franchising under a “host” travel industry will help you to make much more profit because you will get to enjoy their benefit as a reputable company. Still, you can purchase “CRS” to have access to other travel industries because some clients do segregate, they might not like your host agent.


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