The best time to evaluate your career

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


I guess we all need to know the best time to evaluate our career

Time is the part of existence that is measured in minutes, days, years, etc., It is somehow constant, never faster, or slower, always in a uniform progression. What we do through this time is what is much more important and knowing the best time to evaluate your career. There is a time for everything and everything is a lot. We sleep, brush, bathe, dress up, eat, go out (or stay in), work, return home, undress, eat… You know the routine.

What is Career?

Career is what you do for a living, it’s what you decided to pursue that gives you the excitement and satisfaction you craved. Others just simplify it as the employment stage of a person’s life. A career shouldn’t just be that, it should be an expression of purpose, and knowing the best time to evaluate your career is important. But with the raging battle of Purpose and Want against Available, comfortable, Prominent and Survival, it looks so bleak.

Financial responsibility is a common tag in both teams as it is necessary for the provision of the three basic amenities. Some people don’t even have knowledge of purpose nor know what they want, so they just drift. And with the other factors, they have little or no time to think it through. So what happens when the latter side dominates, a man (male or female) struggles through life with a conscious, or sub-conscious dissatisfaction even if society may view the person as successful.

The present times have seen the shutdown of over 80% of the economic sector due to the COVID19 pandemic which facilitates the great lockdown. Since inception, this has by far been the worst economy. Only household comfort commodities have prospered. This includes food, online market, television (cables), and websites. The great lockdown positively has its positive perks. It freed up activities that took up time, though not to our pleasure. But with this free time, what can be achieved.

This Post is for you 😍 >>>>  What to Consider When Making a Career Change

A lot of people are spending time with loved ones, taking up new hobbies and habits, exercise and so on. One great thing for every career mind to do is an evaluation. Evaluation simply implies collection, examination, and analyzing information about an activity. However, in this context, we’ll be using it for a career.

You do that by asking yourself questions that focus on your level of satisfaction which is as thus;

  • (Am I satisfied with my choice of career),
  • Strength (Do I use my best skill?),
  • Happiness (Am I happy with my career?) and
  • Passion (Am I passionate about it?)

And answering it with all sincerity. If necessary you can ask the unbiased opinion of loved ones or colleagues. You can inquire from them, your strength and weakness, your reaction to particular career events. This will help give a perspective of how others see you.

After that, you can make up an intelligent decision on your career. You can start studying the requisite skill for the new career, take courses (online) on them and if satisfied with your present career, sharpen or master your skill.

If you have can’t go about this process on your own, you can go online and take an evaluation test

There is no better time than now. The present can be better than in the past. If there has been errors or wrong choice of career, this is your shot at redeeming yourself. It will amazing to usher yourself to the world after this time re-invented.


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