Start Investing at 25 – Learn How to Get Started

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Why you should invest at a young age?

At 25, you must have spent silver jubilee years on the face of the universe. Of course, you’ve come a long way and still have many tracks of years, move the train. Literally, this is within the age bracket of youth; it still looks like you have more years ahead and no point in pressuring yourself to Start Investing at 25, or punishing yourself for spending more than you save. The truth is you are not all young. At 25, I started noticing a strand of gray hair competing for space with dark ones from the well-trimmed beards embedded in my chin, you know what? At 25? This is the right time to get your financial shits together.

At 25, you just landed your career job, your salary is being widely used to fix up your broke life; and you’re contemplating on whether this is the right time to invest. Wondering what exactly to invest in as to the one that would generate a higher return and afraid of losing your saving; you need a crib badly and needed to change closet; your mum is old and she could barely earn a living anymore that she depends on your income for survival as well; the argument you had with your best friend; your girl behaving even more weird than usual as she pushes deeply to get you started on your love life.

What I really understand is, talking about what investment really is, isn’t our major concern now; but then again, there is a great deal on discipline needed to be put in on how we choose to spend our income, that takes us to the next step, which is learning how to make your money grow; this seems the only way hold onto what you never want to lose.

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Meanwhile, the best way to grow your money is by learning how to invest. It’s as simple as that, start investing. When you become an investor, you will use your money to acquire things that profit you only; not things that cost you.

Why do you need to start investing at 25?

There will be a point in life when you are in financial disorder; it might be as a result of personal undoing (or career setback), or negative economic growth of the society; your investment will provide a huge reward that eliminates the threat of you liquidating.

While investing can be risky when money is placed on the radar of bad or unreal investments; the power of investing young is potent and you are likely going to be investing in longer-term investments, which are less risky and a good platform to begin an investment, for starters. We’ve read stories of billionaires who have fifty percent of their fortunes to failed investment or scam activities, which decapitate them totally.  Thus, putting your wealth in a long-term promising investment free from fraudulence is a bliss.

For instance, a 25years old purchasing a bond with a seven percent profit rate, per year, worth $32000. At the end of a decade of investment maturity, the guy who would have turned 35 by then will be having a profit of $320,000 on the investment, comparing such to a 40years old guy who made a similar investment, will be 50years old before he realized the same profit. This summarizing the science behind investing at an early age. There are several legit and blissful investments in which you can place your money. It includes but not limited to Real Estate, Forex Trading, and Cryptocurrency.


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