5 Negotiation Skills All Successful Leaders Needs

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


We all crave success… Then here are some essential skills you need to have…

Negotiation skills are important to everybody. The art of negotiation is the ability to speak with others and have them think as you do so that you achieve your goal.

Negotiation is basically a conversation between two or several individuals or groups intending to reach an advantageous result in terms of at least one of the issues where there is a clash with regards to at least one of the issues.

In order to be successful in any negotiation, it is important for you to develop your negotiation skills.

However, it is equally important to remember that just as effective negotiation skills can be learned through practice, they can also be learned through failure.

Therefore, before starting any negotiation, you must learn what kinds of mistakes not to make when negotiating so that you avoid making such mistakes and yet still achieve your goal.


Why Negotiation Skills are Important

If you ask an executive, manager, or any leader, they will definitely tell you that negotiating is one of their most important skills. In fact, successful leaders are very good at it.

Why negotiation skills are important is because the process of negotiation is to obtain a “wedge” on the other side where you can get the best possible outcome from your actions.

Now this may sound very simple and easy but in real life there are many things that can get in the way of getting to that desired result.

First off the other person may have many things that they would like to accomplish and the more things they have, the harder it will be to get a favorable outcome.

The key is to be persistent and remain focused on obtaining the outcome you desire. If you lose focus and let your emotions rule your actions then the outcome you are seeking will not be obtained.

Being skillful in negotiation will not only enable you to make an impact on the people around you but will also give you a great deal of power and influence over the course of any given situation.

Learning negotiation skills will help you communicate effectively and confidentially. It will help you express your needs, understand the other party, anticipate their needs, and learn to speak clearly and courteously to get the best results from any given situation.

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This will also help you avoid conflicts, unwanted outcome, and ensure that all aspects of the negotiation are covered and dealt with in the best manner possible.

Negotiation can be a difficult and arduous task, but if handled well, it can lead to significant and beneficial results that can be enjoyed by both the parties involved.

So, in order to be successful at negotiating, you need to be able to read the body language of your opponents and know when to hold your ground and when to back down.

Although there is no exact science to negotiating, there are certain general strategies that successful negotiators use. For example, if you’re a leader, you need to understand that your followers are not stupid and will not always agree with you; rather, you should respect their opinion and give them space.

Communicating effectively is very important if you want to have good negotiating power.

Here are the 5 important and effective Negotiation skills you should posses;


Active Listening

So one way to help develop your interpersonal skills while preparing for your negotiation is to practice active listening.

Active listening is very similar to the process of hypnosis in that you put yourself into a state of deep relaxation. Then you allow the other party to convey their feelings and thoughts using a series of words and hand motions.

When you practice this you will find yourself becoming an expert at communicating with people and you will be able to use your negotiation skills to better deal with all kinds of people in any given situation.

Just like with any skill you practice it becomes second nature to you and once you have developed the habit of being an excellent listener, you will find it very easy to achieve your goals.



One of the most important skills for successful negotiators is communication. You need to be able to convey your message to your team effectively and clearly.

The ability to communicate your ideas clearly is also crucial if you want to have a chance of negotiating successfully.

One of the reasons why successful leaders are great negotiators is because they are good communicators, so pay attention to this skill if you want to be a successful negotiator.


Negotiation Style

Another valuable negotiating skill is negotiation style. As a leader, you need to be able to understand your team’s point of view and be flexible enough to change your style when necessary.

Being a good listener is also important; listen to your team’s needs and concerns and act accordingly. Communicating with your team is very important; learn how to communicate effectively through simple conversation.



Another one of the successful negotiating skills is preparation.

Preparation means that you have done your homework regarding the course of action that you are about to take. You should do your homework even before you sit down to negotiate.

You should also consider the possible outcomes beforehand so that you can adjust your actions and behaviors based on the results.

It is important that you have done your homework and are prepared for the consequences if things goes south.


Clear and Defined End Goal

The last thing we want to discuss in this article is the importance of having a clear and defined end goal before beginning any negotiations.

Having a clear end goal will make it much easier to stay focused and to achieve your goals.

Once you know what you want to accomplish in a negotiation or when you have reached your desired end goal then you will be prepared to go into negotiations with a clear mind and heart and with a clear direction on how to negotiate.



If you ask most people, they will tell you that negotiation is one of the most important skills anyone can learn.

The truth of the matter is, negotiation skill is crucial in all walks of life. From business to personal relationships, there are too many ways to improve negotiation.

Learning more about negotiation and how to use it in your everyday life can prove to be very beneficial.

In this article, we discussed about Five simple negotiation skills to master, which can be very beneficial in so many different areas.

These negotiation skills are very important and useful if you want to become an effective Leader, Boss, Husband, Father and Brother.

You should always remember that if you want to be successful at something, you should never underestimate your abilities.

What other negotiation skills do or would you love to have?

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