Major Resume Red Flags – Check this out

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


4 Resume Red Flags That Would Hinder Your Chances of Landing Your Dream Job

understanding the major Resume Red Flags will help you when you apply for a job. A resume is the first thing recruiters look at when they receive a pile of resumes for a specific job opening.

Each resume is unique, so a recruiter uses Major Resume Red Flags to filter out resumes that do not have what the employer is looking for.

These are the most common resume red flags: spelling mistakes, typos, and incomplete sentences or paragraphs. Once these resume problems are fixed, you should have no problem landing the job you want.


  • Spelling errors can be one of the most Major Resume Red Flags for any employer. Many people make the mistake of using a poor spelling or poor grammar when they write their resumes.

When recruiters go through a pile of resumes, each of these candidates will be compared. If recruiters see one with spelling errors, they may feel less inclined to hire that candidate, because it is certain to reflect poorly on them if the resume is not correct in the first place.


  • Another of the Major Resume Red Flags is using too many keywords. Many of the recruiters in the technology industry type quickly.

They have deadlines to meet, and they cannot afford to spend an extra minute or two on a resume for each job they are interested in hiring.

Thus, many recruiters for technology jobs type very quickly, which means their resumes will often get lost in the pile of others.


  • One of the major resume red flags that tech companies seem to worry about is the use of acronyms and personal pronouns in their resumes.
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As a technology company, tech recruiters must be careful to avoid the appearance of “pimps” or “one-ups”. This is a direct reflection on the company as a whole, as well as individual members of the team.

While it is true that many recruiters have a list of bullet points they use when they are writing a resume, that should just be the beginning. In the end, the recruiter has to make a judgment call as to what is important to a potential employer.


  • The final of the 4 resume red flags is not related to the technology or the technology industry specifically, but rather the job position.

Some recruiters have trouble with certain job titles because they are hard to pronounce. The recruiter has to make sure that he or she is able to convey the meaning of the job position to a future employer without sounding forced.

There are numerous online websites where you can take additional reading tips to help you sound professional without being cheesy.

When a prospective employee goes through a hiring manager’s resume review process, he or she is at the very least receiving a second look at the person.

Technology recruiters must remember that every resume is created with a goal in mind.

By making their resumes as professional as possible, they will give themselves the best chance of landing the job they want.

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