Latest Developments in Canada Immigration

by Adeshina
Latest Developments in Canada Immigration


How Much Do You Know about Latest Developments In Canada Immigration?

It is not a secret that the country of Canada is making progress in providing facilities and amenities for its immigrants. For instance, the current Government reforms are giving a lot of weight on skills as well as language skills. These skills are considered to be the most important criteria for an immigrant to Canada. The latest developments in Canada Immigration can be gauged from the fact that the authorities are taking all necessary steps to provide the best and quality services to their citizens.


Latest Developments in Canada Immigration

One of the latest developments in Canada Immigration is the fact that they are introducing a new program that will enable dual citizenship in Canada. This program was introduced so that the citizens of Canada can have their citizenship in both countries. This is a wonderful option for those who wish to live in Canada while still being an immigrant in the United States. Moreover, dual citizenship in Canada also gives you the benefit of enjoying certain benefits and privileges in the United States. Thus, it becomes possible to enjoy social security benefits, tax benefits, travel benefits, and many other privileges that are offered to Canadian citizens.


Another latest development in Canada Immigration is that there are numerous programs that are being made available by the Government. These programs are designed to help the immigrants of today get the benefits and privileges that are offered to the immigrants of previous generations. Some of these benefits and privileges include a free public school education for children, health care benefits, employment permit, social programs, and so on. If you are an immigrant and want to bring your family with you to Canada, then you need to be very careful about the various rules and regulations that you need to follow. Thus, it becomes essential for you to get help from an Immigration consulting firm that would guide you through the whole procedure.


Another latest development in Canada Immigration is that the federal government has introduced an innovative program which is called the landing visa. This program is aimed at providing permanent residency to qualified immigrants in Canada. Thus, if you have an immigrant visa and wish to visit Canada, you need not worry about the fact that you will be able to enter the country only during the time of your stay. Your visa will be valid only when you are in Canada. However, you need to follow the rules and regulation of the country regarding the entry into Canada after your permanent residency.


Multiculturalism policy introduced by the Government in 2021 is another latest development in Canada Immigration. Under this policy, a limited number of immigrants are encouraged to immigrate to Canada. The immigrants are grouped based on their culture, heritage, and other demographics. Thus, there are two types of policies related to this latest development on immigration: the Indigenous Policy and the Multicultural Policy. The government has also started to provide work permits to people from particular cultures and backgrounds including aboriginal persons and members of other ethnic or cultural communities.


The Government has also taken several measures to improve the condition of the Canada Immigration System. The major measures include creating the citizenship certificate for applicants who do not possess an immigrant visa. It is also developing the skilled worker’s program and economic growth strategies. At the same time, it is drafting the legislation related to the integration of newcomers and the Canadian citizenship status for children born in Canada to US citizens. With all these latest developments in Canada immigration, you can travel to Canada in future with ease and security.


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