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Marketing Manager Job Description

Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada is a very busy field. In Canada, the term “marketing” covers a broad spectrum of activities, from marketing to advertising, from sales to research, and from the government to private enterprise.

The actual term, marketing, is derived from the French term “marketement”, which means the making of offerings for sale.

In today’s marketplace, marketing is a key component of any business activity, from product creation to the promotion of services and goods.

In recent years, marketing has become one of the most competitive arenas in the business world, and positions such as Marketing Manager, have become highly sought after.


Marketing Manager Duties and Responsibilities

A Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and executing the marketing programs of a company. Depending on the size and scope of a business, a Marketing Manager will be involved in many different aspects of the day-to-day operations.

For example, a Marketing Manager will be responsible for the creation of advertising and promotional campaigns and may work closely with public relations professionals to ensure that a company’s reputation is maintained in the marketplace.

Marketing Manager jobs in Canada will often require the management of a budget, as well as ensuring that a company’s marketing program is up to date and effective.

As a Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for analyzing the various facets of your company’s marketing efforts. You will determine what the strengths and weaknesses of your firm are, and how you can strengthen those areas.

The responsibilities of a Marketing Manager in Canada generally include: overseeing all advertising, public relations, and promotional efforts within the company, as well as undertaking and analyzing all research and market-related activities.

The Marketing Manager will also be responsible for coordinating with all departments within the company, as well as working closely with all levels of personnel.

In addition to overseeing all advertising, public relations, and promotional activities, the Marketing Manager will also coordinate and integrate all special offers and seasonal marketing programs.

They will play an important role in maintaining and strengthening the firm’s brand and reputation in the marketplace.

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Skills Required for a Marketing Manager Job

Marketing managers employ a wide range of soft and hard skills to effectively perform their duties. Some marketing manager skills just come naturally while others may take some time to develop.

A good manager must be able to identify potential solutions, analyze the market, and implement plans to reach their goals. A Marketing Manager needs to be competitive, flexible, innovative, creative, and knowledgeable.

In most Marketing Manager jobs in Canada, the position will require that you have solid organizational skills and the ability to organize and control the day-to-day operations of a large and complex company.

One of the most important skills and qualities of a marketing manager in Canada is their ability to come up with strategies that will increase the growth and profitability of their organization.

Marketing managers must know how to attract the right customers and how to reach out to those individuals through various advertising methods. It is important for a marketing manager to also know how to effectively price the products and services of a company.

Marketing managers are often required to report directly to the top management, as well as having access to all other managers and key staff.

This allows you to effectively coordinate all aspects of marketing activities within your company.

Marketing Managers should be able to implement marketing strategies, work closely with sales, produce and track all marketing data, and coordinate with advertising agencies and marketing consultancies.

A Marketing Manager will be expected to have strong leadership skills and a proven track record in the industry.


How Much Can You Earn as a Marketing Manager in Canada

When considering the salary of a marketing manager in Canada, it is helpful to know that it depends on the experience of the individual. The number of years in the position and experience in the industry may affect the salary received.

Marketing managers also have to make themselves attractive to the various clients they have because this is the way they will promote their services and products.

Salaries of a marketing manager in Canada also depend on the specific division of the company they are working for or the type of position they have.

Some positions in the industry require intensive training and education, whereas others require extensive experience.

Marketing managers who hold senior positions can command extremely high salaries. However, it is still useful to do some research on the job market to determine the salary required for the position you want so as not to get disappointed once you start applying.

According to ZipRecruiter, a marketing manager in Canada earns a basic and average salary of $32 per hour and $66,085 per year.


Benefits Enjoyed by a Marketing Manager in Canada

  • Getting a Marketing Manager Job in Canada is quite rewarding. You might enjoy benefits such as paid vacation, flexible working hours, and retirement benefits. Being a marketing manager in Canada means being able to grow other people’s business from inside the establishment itself.


  • Marketing jobs in Canada tend to follow a pay scale model, and this depends entirely on the location of the manager as well as the size of the business. The pay for this type of job can range from being fairly minor, such as a retail or service job, to highly competitive, such as those in positions such as Chief Procurement Officers, in the hotels and restaurants industry. Some positions may even include perks such as stock options or annual leave benefits.


How to Apply For Marketing Manager Jobs in Canada

How to apply for a marketing manager job in Canada can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. Marketing is a broad field of jobs that require people to think on their feet and think like entrepreneurs.

That means that you should have at least some background in entrepreneurship, marketing, or sales. Many companies want to bring in an expert marketing manager to run the entire business unit, especially if they have a huge marketing budget.

The good news is that there are plenty of jobs out there for qualified marketers in Canada.

Getting a marketing manager job in Canada usually involves the process of applying to various companies. Many positions are advertised via advertisements in newspapers and on websites.

Once a potential employee applies for a position, they usually complete an application, along with a cover letter and resume.

These documents are then reviewed by a hiring manager who reads each one to determine if they are of interest to the company.

Communication between the hiring manager and the prospective employee is often done via phone or e-mail.

As the demand for qualified marketing managers is increasing in Canada, positions that do not already exist will be created.

This is a good thing for those interested in obtaining a management career in marketing as they will have many positions to choose from within the confines of the business industry.

Marketing is an interesting field and those who choose to become marketing managers in Canada have a lot of possibilities available to them.



Marketing jobs in Canada are plentiful and offer a variety of job titles, including Marketing Director, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Strategist, Social Media Marketing Manager, and Marketing Consultant to name a few.

Marketing Manager jobs require an overall understanding of how the whole marketing process works. You will need to have strong interpersonal skills to interact well with clients, vendors, and co-workers.

Marketing is an ever-changing discipline that requires high standards of performance from its members. Marketing Manager Jobs is a great choice for individuals who want to make a positive impact on the world around them.

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