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A person who is in need of pursuing a career as the Laboratory Assistant Jobs needs to have some clinical skills and experience. To work as a medical laboratory assistant in Canada, one needs to obtain training from accredited schools and programs, as well as obtain hands-on experience while attending practical and advanced courses. Here are some of the requirements and skills that a Laboratory Assistant in Canada must possess.


Duties of and Responsibilities of a Laboratory Assistants

Medical laboratory assistants usually perform administrative tasks. This includes, for instance, collecting blood samples (and, in some cases, urine samples) for analysis, processing and moving patients’ specimens to and from the lab. In BC, certified medical laboratory assistants also do electrocardiograms on patients.


They usually assist nurses, physician’s assistants, pharmacists, and laboratory technicians with basic lab procedures. They are trained to provide basic care for these individuals under the guidance of experienced clinicians. As part of the training program, they also learn laboratory safety and security measures. Other responsibilities include billing, communicating with patients, and maintaining the laboratory’s equipment and supplies.


Qualification and Skills Required of a Laboratory Assistant

A high school diploma program is necessary for people to pursue careers as laboratory assistants in Canada. Some colleges and universities will sponsor an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program through which a student can get a two-year diploma. The program requires that students have the ability to read, write, listen, and calculate. Courses typically include mathematics, chemistry, and biology. Other required subjects include pharmacy laws, medical terminology, safety, and office practices.


Another thing that will contribute to your success is your ability to use time-management skills. Many individuals who enter the health care field, especially those who choose to be medical assistants, lack time management skills. They lack time management abilities because they are usually under a lot of stress and pressure. Medical assistants typically have to keep track of a large number of patients’ records at one time.


Various Job Options Available for a Laboratory Assistant

There are numerous job options for people with the skills needed for a laboratory assistant in Canada. There are hospitals, physician’s offices, nursing homes, and research facilities, to name a few. The two most common places for an aspiring medical assistant to work are in clinics run by physicians’ assistants and hospitals, both of which offer competitive wages and excellent benefits packages.

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