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Recruitment for Administrative Assistant in Canada

A lot of people are interested in getting an Administrative Assistant job in Canada. As a highly-skilled permanent resident of Canada, you can work full time as an Administrative Assistant from the day you arrive here. Administrative Assistant Jobs in Canada can be very fulfilling and rewarding and they are well worth considering.


Common Places For Administrative Assistant Jobs

The most common administrative assistant jobs in Canada are at Immigration desks, at Lawyers Offices, at Hospitals, Colleges & universities, and Government Offices. In smaller offices and hospitals, the duty of an administrative assistant is not so heavy on the number of hours per week but it may be required to some extent. Administrative assistants in Canada may also be required to help office staff or conduct some secretarial work.


Qualification and Skills Required of an Administrative Assistant

To get one of the administrative assistant jobs in Canada, you must have a high school diploma or an equivalent certificate program (usually a GED). It is possible to get jobs without a diploma, but the candidate will most likely need to have some additional qualifications, such as International Experience or English language skills, and maybe also some specialized training in Canada. Most of the administrative assistant jobs in Canada require candidates to have at least a year of experience related to administrative duties in their home country, although some positions may expect candidates who have already spent some time working in Canada. Some administrative assistant jobs in Canada also require candidates to have relevant work experience and expertise in computer technology and some may even demand candidates to have some experience in human resources or business management.


Administrative assistants work under the direction of either a manager or a director and their duties will vary depending on their level of responsibility. The director can usually delegate more managerial duties to his or her administrative assistant while the manager will often delegate clerical duties. Common administrative assistant jobs in Canada include receptionist, office assistant, bookkeeper, and typist.


How to Get an Administrative Jobs in Canada

To find one of these jobs in Canada, it is important to do your research. One of the best ways to do this research is to use specialized job placement or staffing agencies. These staffing agencies specialize in finding administrative assistants for different businesses or organizations. They have databases with vacancies available all across Canada. By doing a search for administrative assistants in your field of interest, such as advertising, you will be able to find a database of job openings from top employers in the BC area.


If you are looking to start a career in the administrative assistant field in Canada, then you will need to register with one of the specialized staffing agencies. To access their database of vacancies, simply go online and fill out a basic form. This will allow you to gain the information you need about jobs in BC. You can select the job that fits your qualifications by going through the different criteria such as pay, duties, level of education, and location. Once you have selected a position, you can apply to the job online through the staffing agencies.

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