Job and Career – When does a Job becomes a Career?

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Why Is Everyone Talking About Job And Career?

Job and Career are two basic things in our life. Both are an outright method for us to earn an income so as to help ourselves and our families. However, both don’t mean the same thing although they’re similar.

Defining your professional goals and plans in order to achieve your dream is important in order to determine if it’s a job you want or a career. The approach taken at the point of writing this short piece is to differentiate between a job and a career. It also takes a gander at the possible integration means which implies how a career can be affected by the jobs we do. And lastly, the possibility of turning a job or jobs into a career.

Since your job is drive by your wants, as it is identified with an individual need as a matter of importance. It is anything but difficult to concentrate just on the job and be lenient toward the conditions involved. A job is what an individual removes from need and hopes it show signs of improvement after some time. It’s what you perform to gain cash to fulfill your fundamental needs. Based on the job position, means of getting payment varies. Payment can be monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly. Although, a vast number of people earn monthly.

Okay, let’s now take time to discuss what career is. For every position held through different jobs; you’re developing your career through acquired knowledge, and skills. This is one of the reasons why a few alterations with different methodology is pertinent while scripting your resume.  A career requires building up a drawn-out concentration and review each activity from a point of view of what has been learned and developed.

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Career development: Integrating job to a career

A lot of people have been working in the same position for a lot of years which has surely constrained their level of confidence. This is easy to detect in their tone and aura of communication. From my exposure and interactions with others I’ve worked with; I’ve seen people build up a feeling of vulnerability and self-abdication in a job like that proceeds and it appears that they can’t push on with it. When trying to integrate one’s job into a career, the following factors should be critically considered;

  1. First, a job becomes a career when there’s an opportunity for career uplift. After several years working a job, experiences gathered and confidence at what one does, are tools that identify this advancement.
  2. If you want to be successful and fulfilling in your chosen career; then you have to begin with a strong foundation; which are self-knowledge and self-development. If you constantly feel consumed, discouraged, and essential lack the motivation to carry on, it’s undoubtedly harmful to all features of your life, and this can be an obstruction to integrating a job into a career.
  3. When you start thinking about the entrepreneurship part of your job, not just doing a job but owning it, how you can turn the job you do for someone to the job you own yourself, your job will successfully integrate into a career.


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I am single, age 23, looking for a job opportunity outside my country. I am from Iraq. I hope for help

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Je vous remercie pour le travail mis au point sur de réseau sociaux et nous aussi nous avons besoin de travailler


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