How to Write a Professional Resume

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Here’s a Step by Step Guide to Writing a Job-Winning Resume

With the help of this article, you will gain valuable tips and guidelines on how to write a professional resume and even obtain some nice templates to work with. Writing a professional resume is perhaps the most significant step in landing a job or getting ahead in your current job search.


Most people are unaware of the basic purpose of their resume and what it should contain. Resumes have become the second “evaluation” tool that recruiters and human resource managers use before taking them at a company’s bat. So, how to write a professional resume?


How to Write a Professional Resume

First, you need to consider the overall job description. It would be best to include all your skills, awards, and credentials in your professional resume as these would be your selling points in an interview. Other sections that would benefit from some additions are the skills section, education section, and other experience sections. You can tailor your skills section to your specific needs as a skilled professional. Remember, the contents of your skills section must complement your job description.


The work experience portion of your professional resume is the one that you need to give the most attention to. In writing, most people just include dates of employment, places of work, and a brief mention of job title. But in reality, most people who work do so within a few different fields. As such, it is wise to actually give a short detail of each job title, as well as the area of each work experience. An example of a relevant work experience bullet point is Marketing, Human Resources, Retail, or Business Development.

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The next section to consider is a list of achievements. Most people will either leave this off altogether with their professional resume or put it last but including a list of achievements in your cover letter is extremely important. This is the portion where you are showcasing the abilities and capabilities that you have. This section should not only highlight your qualifications but the achievements that made you a viable candidate for the position.


An easy way to do this is to list your qualifications, then make sure you include your accomplishments. Following this format, your professional resume can include any number of bullet points. A good resume example will take this one step further by highlighting the key aspects of your personality and capabilities.


Finally, a strong summary statement follows. The summary statement is the last statement that you present to the hiring manager. It gives a detailed rundown of your qualifications, skills, and personal preferences. It is crucial that you provide a professional resume that highlights your abilities and talents.

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