How to Manage Your Debt

by Misbaudeen Adeshina

Do you want to get out of Debt… Here are five important steps on How to manage your debt

Managing your debt is an art. It is not as simple as getting the bills paid on time. If you want to live a peaceful life with your debts, then you will have to learn how to manage your debt properly. Debt is never really evil if you just want to get rid of it. With proper debt handling, you can live comfortably to overwhelming debts.

Step One

You should always make sure that your secured debts are under control. You should check yourself if your debts are all in your name only or if they are also under someone else’s name. You can choose the right option only when you are sure that all of your debts are already under your name. Thus, when you are going for any credit card, always keep in mind to check the security number and know whether it is under your name or not. If it is, then go for it, otherwise, you should keep moving on.

Step Two on How to Manage Your Debt

You should not miss any monthly payments. The amount of loan you take depends upon your monthly income. Therefore, the first step you should always take for how to get out of debt is to make a budget and include all your important expenses like loan payment, house payment, medical expenses, etc. This budget will help you to monitor your income. If your income is good, then you should take a large loan amount.

Step Three

Make a list of all your unsecured debts and prioritize them. Now, while making this list, try to prioritize your debts according to their importance. When you do this, it means that you will have to make payments every month to all your creditors. But, if there are many priorities on this list, then you should pay all your debts with high priority. Thus, this way you can be sure that you will finish off paying off your debts.

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Step Four

on How to Manage Your Debt

Use a credit card for emergency situations only. In the same way as above, it is wise to prioritize your debts according to their importance. If there is an emergency situation that you may come across, but do not want to lose any more credit card balance, then transfer the balance to another credit card. Or, if the amount of extra money toward your debt is just enough to cover your bills every month, then you can consider yourself lucky and avoid bankruptcy.

Step Five

Keep checking your financial situation regularly. You should also take care that you do not take any loan or apply for any new lines of credit. If you are taking any new loan, make sure to pay it back within the stipulated period. And, if any of your existing credit cards have a high-interest rate, then you must try to reduce it by rotating it to a lower interest rate credit card. Thus, by following these steps, you will be able to get out of debt, even with the heavy burden of credit card debt on your shoulders.


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