How to Make Time for Professional Development

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Professional Development for Teachers or an Educational Instructor

My life coach, Karen Smith, shares some amazing insights about how we can make time for Professional Development. Engage your audience and create a difference by utilizing some of her suggestions. My professional development workshop was just over two months ago. Since then, professional development, as well as my personal life, have been a mission of mine.


LOVE getting to help teachers discover new methods of teaching. I believe that teachers need to get more support for the research they are doing, such as using the power of the web, video conferences, etc. I also believe that professional development is a vital component of the modern educational environment. The need for ongoing professional development planning in education is at an all-time high. I am convinced that teachers should explore every possible opportunity for learning opportunities.


Every teacher wants to discover something new, but not all teachers have the time, inclination, or resources to try something new. Learning should be considered an enjoyable part of the learning experience. Learning should be valued rather than seen as something new or a luxury.


When you get caught up each year with the to-do list of the entire school year, it becomes easy to forget about important learning opportunities. You may have to complete an entire year’s worth of required courses, but this often leads to a feeling of overwhelm and distraction. The key to professional development is to find something new each week, such as a reading list, learning journal, studying skills, etc. This can be accomplished by finding something you like every week, making it a priority, and making time to focus on it.

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Professional Development is also about knowing your limits. It’s OK to look for other things to do in order to meet all of the requirements of your course of study. But if you become completely consumed by what needs to be done each day, you will find yourself wasting time. The idea is to find time each day to engage in meaningful work, such as an organized reading, problem-solving, etc. The idea behind professional development is to give students the freedom to learn while having fun.


Finally, making time for professional development does not mean simply checking off a calendar. Teachers need to make the most of social media. The key is to understand how to use it effectively, which involves a great deal of thinking, strategic thinking, etc. Once you understand this, you can begin to take advantage of it in a way that allows you to create an incredible work-life balance, and even make more time than you thought possible!


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