How to Make Money with No Capital

by Adeshina
How to Make Money with No Capital


Start Making Money Today With No Investment

A lot of people ask the question, how to make money with no capital. This article will discuss different methods of earning income without a single penny out of your own pocket. There are two basic options when you have limited funds to spare. One is selling products and the other is rendering services. In order to make money by selling things, you need to either buy or rent the products from wholesalers or manufacturers. If you want to render services instead of buying, then you can contact home-based businesses.


How to Start Making Money Without Capital

Selling products is one way of making money

There are a lot of people who resort to dropshipping to earn money. Dropshipping simply means that you don’t keep inventory. Your wholesale partner takes care of that. All you have to do is to deliver the items to your clients and make money from every sale.


Many people prefer dropshipping because it is very convenient. For one thing, you don’t have to set up an office in order to sell products; all you need is a storefront or online presence to promote the products you are selling. Once you have established yourself, you can decide which products to sell and that you would rather not.


Affiliate Marketing

It doesn’t require you to have a large capital at hand but you can still make a lot of money. To be more specific, there are thousands of companies that are willing to pay affiliates (that is, people who promote their products through their own websites) a commission for each person they send to their website through your affiliate link. You will need to make sure, though, that you choose products that are popular among buyers. Otherwise, you will never get any sales!


Online Advertising

There are companies that allow you to post ads on your own website or blog. The more traffic you drive to your site, the higher the chances are that they will click on the ad and buy whatever it is you’re selling. This is called pay-per-click advertising. Just imagine all the sales that would be generated if every time somebody visited your site, they were also exposed to your affiliate products.


These are only some of the many ways you can make money with no capital. With a little effort, you can still find a way to earn income even without any money. Of course, you can always rely on your good looks and your good personality. After all, these are what potential customers will base their decisions on once they come across you. If you have a good profile and a lot of friends who are also into affiliate marketing, you can go head to head with them and become their number one fan. No capital is necessary for this!


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