How to Book Cheap Flights – The 2 Important Steps You Need to Follow

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Why should you spend a fortune on your next flight when you can learn how to book cheap flights for your next trip or vacation?

Booking cheap flights tickets is not rocket science and it is pretty well easy than you thought. Today, I am going to teach you how to get the cheapest flight possible by following my strategy which I called, the Fly Hack.

The Fly hack strategy involves just 4 important steps, with the Fly hack strategy, you would be able to book cheap flight tickets and save the time and stress of looking for cheap flight tickets as the Fly hack would help you determine the cheapest flight tickets to your destination.

The 2 Fly Hack Important steps

The 2 Fly hack important steps are as follows;

Determine the Cheapest date or month to fly out

The first step of the Fly Hack strategy is to determine the cheapest date or month to fly out.

This step is important as it helps you understand which days of the month or which months of the year you can get a cheap flights ticket.

Cheap Flight tickets Calculator

This step requires an awesome tool which is called the Flights Price Calendar. There are other tools out there, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using the Flights Price Calendar.

Flights Price Calendar

The Flights Price Calendar is a tool that shows you the price of flight tickets on each day of the month and each month of the year.

You can either search for cheap flights ticket to any destination around you by putting in your origin-destination without the destination you are flying to.

Flight tickets Calendar

By doing this, the calendar will show you dates and cheap airline tickets for some specific date while other dates which is considered to have high airline tickets than the other dates would only have the search emoji and not the price.

You can click on the search if you would like to travel around that date, when you click on the search, you would be able to see the price of the flight tickets.

You can also fill in the destination that you want to fly to and see the days of the month, or the month of the year with the cheapest flight tickets.

Airline Tickets Calendar

You can click on any of the months to see the days of the month with the cheapest airline tickets.

This tool is easy to use as you just need to either fill in your current location and it will look for the cheapest flight around you and bring them.

You can also fill in your current location and the destination you would like to fly to, and this tool would bring the cheapest price either by months or dates, you choose because it’s your choice.

Check the Flight tickets Calendar out

You can book directly by clicking on the price and date that you are okay with.

From research, I found out that some of the prices displayed on the calendar are not what you would have when you click on them, at times, after clicking on the cheapest price on the calendar, you might have a more expensive price than what you had on the calendar.

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This takes us to the next step of using the best flight search engine. With the Flight search engine, you just need to take the date and location of your next flight, and the search engines would check all the airlines and give you the best and cheapest flight available.


Use the Best Flight Search Engine

The third step of the Fly hack is using the best flight search engine to search and book your flight. Based on research, I have the three top best flight search engines and out of these 3, there is one you should use over the others.

The list consists of Skyscanner, Guardtofinance Flight, and Google Flight.

This list of flight search engines would help you to look for the cheapest flight based on the date and month and the destination you fill in on their flight search widget.

You can use the Flights price calendar to determine the best date or month to take your flight, however, you should use one of the search engines listed above to do a fresh search based on the date you got from the price calendar.

These flight search engines would search the whole airline and bring the best and cheapest airline that you can book immediately.

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Out of the three flight search engines, The Guardtofinance Flight Search would give you the best and cheapest flight research than the others.

I have used this many times and did research with the 3 search engines and 90 out of 100 searches, Guardtofiance flight search always comes up with the cheapest and best flight than the others.

The following are flight results from these 3 Flight search engines for the same date and locations, Check it out;

This a flight search result from Lagos in Nigeria to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This flight takes off to Dubai from Lagos on the 20th of November 2021, while it returns back to Lagos on the 30th of November 2021.

Let’s see the lowest price each flight search engine could get us.

Google Flight search 

Google Flight search for Lagos to Dubai Flight

Google Flight Search Engine gets us the best and cheapest departing flight for the price of $661 through Egypt airline.


Skyscanner Flight search result for Lagos to Dubai

Skyscanner Flight search result for Lagos to Dubai

Skyscanner Flight Search Engine gets us the best and cheapest departing flight for the price of $622 through Egypt airline, that’s a difference of $39 with the Google Flight Search.


GuardToFinance Flight Search Engine get us 

GuardToFinance Flight Search Engine get us

Guardtofinance Flight Search Engine gets us the best and cheapest departing flight for the price of $612 through Egypt airline.

The price difference between the first two flight search engines is $49 and $10 respectively.



The Fly hack strategy gives you the power and freedom to get the best and cheapest flights for your next trip or vacation, as a guardian, you do not need to break your bank account before you could go for your next trip or vacation.

The process for this strategy is simple, you just have to use the Flights calendar to determine the date with the best and cheapest flight and use one of the flight search engines to search for the flight tickets, and book your flight.

What do you think about the Fly Hack strategy? Is there something that is missing or you would like us to include in the Flight hack for the benefit of others? Let me know in the comment section now ):

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