How to Apply for Canadian Passport

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How to Apply for a Canadian Passport

The most important step on how to apply for a Canadian Passport is studying the application procedure required by the Government of Canada.

There are five main programs offered to Canadian residents, which include the International Passport Application Service (IPAS), the Canadian Experience Applications (CEST) program, the Canadian Learners Program (CLP), and the Canadian Presence Study (CPIS).

To obtain one of these three Canadian passports, applicants need to apply online via the Canadian Immigration website. However, applicants can also apply in person through a Passport office in their area or at a Canadian consulate abroad.

Requirements for a Canadian Passport

To get a Canadian Passport, you must be of legal age, a permanent resident of Canada, and a member of the Canadian Immigration Immigrant Visa office.

Furthermore, applicants must hold a valid passport that is currently valid in their country of citizenship and is also issued by the country in which they reside.

In addition, children of Canadian citizenship are also entitled to obtain a passport and accompanying immunization upon reaching the age of 10 years. Although, they may apply for a child passport later on when they become eligible for one.

Constituents of a Canadian Passport

Canadian passports do not contain photos. The photos can be added by Canadian citizens at any time, but photos must be submitted during the application process for the passport. Canadian Passport is an internationally recognized travel document and must be carried in view of emergencies.

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Hence, all Canadian passport applicants must display a valid passport that is issued by the country in which they reside. Canadian Passport is considered as proof of citizenship for all Canadian citizens regardless of their residence outside Canada.

Important tips on how to apply for a Canadian Passport

When applying for a Canadian Passport, you need to provide all the necessary documents such as an employment certificate, birth certificate, and address proof.

Moreover, you also need to provide two proofs of identity – one is a Valid Canadian Address issued by the Province of Canada and the other is a Valid Canadian Social Insurance Number (ISIN) provided by the Canadian immigration authorities.

You are required to attach the marriage certificate if you are applying online or through the mail as a part of your passport application.


If you need help with your application, please consult one of the authorized Canadian Passport offices around the world. You can contact them by phone or fax.

Remember that before processing time on your application, the Canadian Passport office might require you to obtain a Current Port of Entry (OCE) from the Immigration and Refugee Protection Agency (IRPA). Once you receive your C Poe, you can proceed with processing time.


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