Golden Visa – A sure Path to Immigration

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


All that you need to know about the Golden Visa


For those who have an eye on how to get a Golden Visa for life, you will be glad to know that the process is pretty straightforward and simple. How it works is like this: When you apply for a Golden Visa for life, you can choose from one of many options.


Types of Golden Visa

There are two types of Golden Visa.  The first type of Golden Visa is called the Investor program, and it is ideal for those who are planning to immigrate to the U.S. and invest money. This option requires that you have more than $1 million dollars. The second type is the Business investor program, which is more popularly known as entrepreneur visa and golden visa programs.


Immigrants investors programs

These are basically programs designed to bring foreign investors into the country. These are also sometimes referred to as golden visa, investor programs, or investor visas. These programs generally require entrepreneurs and others with significant investments to sponsor their visa applications. Sponsorship is usually through a U.S. company or a non-American company. Some of these visas are renewable every five years, while others are not renewable at all.


Anyone hoping to apply for a golden visa must first determine his or her investing goals. Those who are investing for the purpose of immigrating to the U.S. must choose the investment goals of a U.S. company or a non-U.S. company. In order to sponsor an investor visa application, the applicant must generally have at least ten thousand dollars of investable assets as of the end of the current year. If the value of the investment does not meet the minimum requirement, the applicant will need to renew his or her visa every five years, or else face the risk of losing the investment.

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Individuals and companies who are applying for golden visa benefits should research the options that are available to them. One way to get permanent residence is by securing funding for investors. As long as the investment is made in the United States, investors can be eligible to receive this type of visa, regardless of whether or not they have sponsors. In order to be eligible, the investor must have purchased or acquired U.S. citizenship or other investment opportunities within the last ten years, or must provide evidence of significant success in the field.


Investors who wish to sponsor family members may also want to consider obtaining a golden visa through Spain, Italy, or Malta. These countries each have strict limits on the number of investors who can be sponsored by a single person. In order to sponsor a spouse and children, the investor must be a citizen of the country that he or she plans to marry. The same restrictions apply to the parent of a dependent child who wishes to sponsor relatives.


For investors that have not held any immigration status for at least ten years, they may still be eligible to apply for a golden visa. However, they will be required to present proof of significant investment in the United States by means of a settlement, loan, stock purchase, or other investment. The investor must have applied for at least six months before being granted approval. To learn more about the options available to you and how to obtain a golden visa for investment, please contact an Immigration Consultant today.


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