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by Misbaudeen Adeshina


All You Need to Know about Financial Investments 

Financial Investments is the most important aspect of Business; without this, no business can exist. This is because Finance is used for making profits and investment in the right financial instruments will definitely provide the much-needed boost to the growth of your business. Financial Investments can be made from various sources like the stock market, bank, savings account, loan etc…


Types of Financial Investments

There are three types of financial investments; Equity, Debt, and Lifestyle Property. Equity includes common stocks, preferred stocks, treasury bonds, debentures, mortgage notes, re-mortgages, and other secured loans. In the case of equity, the profit made on each share is shared by the shareholders. Common equity can be owned by a single person, partnership, company, or institution. If a company has more than one share, each shareholder is entitled to an equal dividend on his/her share.


As far as debt is concerned, it is nothing but borrowing from another firm. Common forms of debt are secured and unsecured. Common stocks, preferred stocks, debt securities, and derivatives are some of the most common forms of financial investments. These are traded on stock markets, over the counter. The Financial Regulations Act, passed in 1970, has set up a system of regulation to protect investors from abusive practices of companies engaged in foreign trade.


The bond market is a platform where the purchase of bonds, financial investments, and other financial assets are done. Bonds, which represent an agreement to repay a fixed amount of money, are rated according to their ability to repay. These guarantees to pay back the money depend on the risk associated with them and the likelihood of default occurs. Usually, Government bonds are the best-rated financial investments.

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Savings accounts are the most common form of saving accounts. They can be either liquid or dry. The best way of saving money is by making use of the latter. Savings accounts earn interest from interest payments. Most banks offer interest holidays on selected savings accounts.


You could opt for short-term financial investments such as bonds, gilt, coins, and so forth. Short-term economic investments are meant to earn small profits with high risks in return. Long-term investments yield higher returns with lower risks. A well-planned combination of all the above would be the best possible means of securing your future and the future of your family.


Financial spread betting, a very popular investment vehicle, has emerged as one of the best ways to earn profits from the ever-increasingly volatile stock market. Unlike many of the other types of financial investments, the profit earned here is not only direct but indirect as well. Through the spread bet, you can make profits even when the market is down. Spread betting is also a good option for people who do not wish to risk their own money in the market.


If you need to look for long-term economic and financial investments for your retirement, then debt investments are the best options. Debt investments allow you to plan for your future income. As the name suggests, you lend money to another person or company. The lender expects you to repay him once your loan comes due. In return, he gains interest from the loan, which he pays to you. Financial and asset investments can also be considered if you want to secure your future and that of your family.


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