Electrical Engineering Jobs in Canada

by Misbaudeen Adeshina

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Electrical engineering jobs in Canada are in demand and many electrical engineers choose to remain in the country. This is due to various reasons, the most obvious of which is the skill set demanded by the job.

In addition, Canada is a logical choice as it provides a wide range of opportunities that an individual looking for a change in career can exploit.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers not only deal with wiring and work with electricity, but they are also responsible for maintaining the overall safety of electrical systems.

Skills and Requirement of an Electrical Engineer

Hence, there are certain requirements and skills that one must possess in order to pursue his dream of finding a rewarding electrical engineer job in Canada.

  • The first requisite for getting a decent job in electrical engineering is a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from a recognized educational institution. The course taken should be approved by the government. In addition to this, a person pursuing such a degree must possess the necessary computer skills and good typing speed. A CPE program will provide a student with a comprehensive overview of electrical engineering and how it applies to industry practices. It will also equip the student with the necessary computer and communication skills that are required in today’s business environment.


  • Another requirement that one must possess to find a good job is an adequate amount of experience working as an apprentice under an experienced electrical engineer. Such an experience will provide valuable hands-on training in the field of electrical science. Electricians usually get promoted to become an electrician-in-residence, which is a term used to describe someone working as an independent contractor for an established electrical company. These positions offer great benefits as an electrical engineer can earn much higher than the pay of an assistant and there is no limitation on the number of years one can work as an electrician-in-residence.
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Working in the field of electrical contracting is also a popular option for young people. This kind of job involves the process of contracting with clients in order to supply them with the needed electrical equipment to carry out their work. There are a lot of potential clients in the construction industry, which means that a great opportunity exists for young people who want to be involved in this kind of work. It can also be a very rewarding career for those who have what it takes to win over clients and keep them satisfied.


Getting an apprenticeship is one way of securing a good-paying job as an electrician. In most provinces in Canada, an existing electrical engineer can obtain an apprenticeship by joining a company that offers this kind of training. The duties and responsibilities of an apprentice under an experienced electrician will be quite different from what an apprentice would do at a conventional construction company. For one, a primary role of an apprentice would be to service and repair electrical equipment that is being used in a construction project. These tasks would be carried out by the apprentice under the supervision of his mentor.

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