The Ultimate Domain Flipping Guide – The Easiest Way to Start Making $100 Per Day With Domain Flipping

by Atupa
Ultimate Domain Flipping Guide

Today, I am going to write how you can start making $100 through domain flipping, all you need is a $10 start-up capital.

Domain flipping is like selling a house or an apartment in real estate. You can buy a website name, which is a domain, and sell it for a profit. Just like a house is valuable, domains are also a valuable part of online real estate. was sold for $872 million.


What exactly is a domain flipping?

Well, the basic high-level plan behind domain flipping is relatively simple, buy and sell a domain name.

A domain name is really a unique string of numbers used to easily direct visitors to a specific site; in order for someone to use one, they have to first register it, which means they can have exclusive access to it forever.

The catch is that the cost of a domain name tends to be relatively low while others are expensive depending on the keywords of the domain, and once someone has registered the domain, they are locked into it until they sell it or transfer it to someone else.

If I buy a domain name for $10, I could resell it for at least $50 or more. There are domain names that have been sold off for $5 million, domain names like and

You might not come across such kind of domain as in 2021, but there are domains you could buy for $10 and sell for $100, which would give you a profit of $90 per website.

You could do this at least 1 time a day and make $3000 by the end of the month. This is what’s known as a domain flipping scheme.


How to Start Making $100 per day with Domain Flipping

There are four important steps you need to follow to start making money through domain flipping and they are;

I. Find a Domain

II. Buy the Domain

III. Flip the Domain

IV. Take Profit


Find a Domain

The first step in making at least $100 a day is to find a domain. Not just any domain, but a domain that people would be interested in, such kind of domain is what businesses are looking for because it would represent their business better.

It is important that you target a .com domain only.

A wedding photographer in the USA would definitely love to pay up for a domain name that reads, the main point here is that, don’t just find a domain name, find a domain name that a business owner would love to have.

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There are tools that you can use to find such kinds of domains, and they are;



For the sake of this post, I would walk us through how to use to find a perfect domain name.

One way to search for the perfect domain that you can flip for profit is by using location and niche keywords, the combo sells fast and you can sell for higher prices.

To get started, please browse on and click on the signup tab by the right top-hand side to create a free account if you did not have an account with the website, or you can sign in if you have an account with the website.

Expired domains - Domain Flipping website

After you log in, there is a box by the right top-hand side that reads Domain search, click on it and enter a location or niche keywords, like Plumbing, wedding photography or Kentucky, Toronto, and any other keyword you can think of and click on search.

Expired domains - Domain Flipping website

You would see a list of domain names you can flip and their prices.

Expired domains - Domain Flipping

Expired domain results

Click on the Show filter at the top of the table to select and modify your domain search.

Expired domains - Domain Flipping filters

You can play around with the options, but you can input keywords that you want in the start with, contain and end with box. Click on the Additional column at the top of the table and select the .com extension, this way the result of the domain you would have would be .com.

Expired domains - Domain Flipping additional filters

After you are done with the settings, scroll down and click on Apply Filter, and you would have a new set of results.

Expired domains - Domain Flipping

Expired domains results

For starters, look for a domain that is within the price range of $10 – $30 and you could sell for $100 to $150. In this case, let’s go with, it is easy to remember, the price is $20 and it is listed on GoDaddy.

You can tell the search engine to only show results for domains listed on Godaddy through the filter.

Now we have a domain name that we would like to flip, but we need to check if there is a market value for it before we buy it, so how are we going to do that?

Go to and enter the keyword in the domain name that we got.

Namebio for Domain Flipping

For example, our domain name is, the major keyword here is “plumbing”, we just need to take the keyword plumbing and put it in the keyword box on namebio and click on search.

Namebio - Domain Flipping search results

This result shows the domain name, the price that the domain was sold for, the date that the domain was sold, and the venue.

The least price a domain with the plumbing keyword was sold for was $100 and the maximum price a domain with the keyword plumbing was sold for was $11,990, isn’t that amazing?

There is still another page of the report that you need to see.

Namebio - Domain Flipping Graph and stat

This report shows that there have been 294 sales of domains with the keyword “plumbing”. The keyword has a dollar volume of $234.5k and an average price of $798.

With this data, we can see that we have a market to sell to, you can repeat this process for any keyword or niche.

Now let’s move to the next step, which is Buy the Domain

Buy the Domain

Now we have a domain name, we need to purchase it as the second step of the domain flipping, to do this you can buy the domain name on Namecheap or Godaddy, however, I would recommend that you buy the domain from Godaddy, so that you can easily flip the domain through Godaddy auction.

If you do not have an account with Godaddy, you can do that now, it is easy and free. You just need to go to and search for the domain and buy the domain name.


At times the domain might be on a bid and you would need to bid on it, just look at the time the bidding would end and go back 10 minutes before the bidding would end and the domain name.

Now we have completed the second step of how you could start making at least $100 with domain flipping, now the next step is to Flip the Domain name.


Flip the Domain

Flipping the domain is the same thing as selling it or looking for the right buyer to buy it. There are 3 ways we could do this and they are;

i. By using

ii. By using

iii. By using Godaddy Premium.

The first two ways are free but might take some time, but the Godaddy premium is what I use and it only costs $5 per year. With the $5, you can list a domain or bid on a domain that you would like to buy.

To flip a domain through the first two free tools, you just need to log in to their website, register with them if you do not have an account, and place your domain for sale.

The free tools would deduct a percentage of your money when you sell your domain through their platform.

Godaddy Premium is also easy to use, you just need to login to their website and sign in to your account or create an account with them by clicking here.

After you sign in to your account, click on Domains by the top left-hand side;


You would see a drop-down, click on the “Auctions for Domain Name” and it would take you to the Godaddy Auction.

Godaddy Auction

Godaddy Auction

Click on the “Join Now” at the top of the table.

Godaddy Auction

Godaddy Auction

Click on the add to cart and follow the command, but if you are a GoDaddy premium user already, click on the login to log in to the GoDaddy auction’s platform.

After you have paid the $5 one-year membership fee for the premium GoDaddy users, you can now log in and click on the list a domain at the top of the page.

Godaddy Auction

Godaddy Auction

After you click on the List a domain, you would be taken to the next page.

Godaddy Auction

Add a Payment

You need to set up your payment before you can list a domain, you don’t want to keep seeing your money on the laptop or phone screen without getting it to your bank account right? So you need to set up your payment method. Click on OK and you would be taken to the next page.

Godaddy Auction

Add a Payment

Click on Add a Payment type and follow the command. After you are done with the payment. You can return back and list your domain.

Godaddy Auction

You need to fill out the form with the required information and you are done.


This is the last step of how you can start making at least $100 through domain flipping. If you bought a domain for $20 and sell it off within hours for $120, you have made a profit of $100.

If you would like to sell the domain for a higher place of a thousand dollars, it might take a while before you would be able to sell it off.




You can start making at least $3000 from domain flipping every month, you just have to follow the tutorial and guide on this page.

If you are having any trouble, I am here to help, please use the comment section to let me know the issue. If you are just starting out with domain flipping, how excited are you?

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