Career Exploration in High School

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Is Career Exploration In High School Still Relevant?

Challenges of Career Exploration in High School

Career exploration in High School can be very challenging due to several reasons. One is that most high school and college curricula are constantly redefined and tweaked on a national and international level. Another reason is the fact that the global economy drives the discussion as to what students should be capable of being successful after high school, in both the domestic and international context. In addition, changes in government programs and initiatives also spur career exploration and change. Thus, in order to cope with these challenges, students and teachers have to plan, implement, and evaluate the various strategies that they implement and examine how they achieve their goals.

Strategies to Solve Career Exploration Challenges

One strategy employed by many career practitioners in the implementation of career assessments in the classroom. This includes tests that assess students’ competencies in relevant areas and determine the areas in which students require additional and relevant training and supervision. Career exploration in High School can therefore be effective if it is accompanied by relevant career assessments.

How to Get Started

Career exploration in High School may start from understanding the student’s personal and professional objectives. Career exploration aims at acquiring skills and knowledge that will help the student attain his/her goals and aspirations. Career exploration in High School involves students’ understanding of postsecondary education and their relation with this educational process. Students understand that postsecondary education enhances their employability and enables them to participate in the professional world.

What are the options for Career Exploration?

Students have various options for career exploration. They can choose to pursue higher education and take up further studies. They may also choose to enter the workforce and begin working in an organization where they will acquire relevant job skills. Many high schools and colleges offer career coaching programs that students can enroll in after high school, in order to enhance their career exploration.

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When students discover what they are good at, they can either pursue careers related to their interests or choose a different area to study. At the high school level, students are encouraged to become aware of their strengths and develop positive self-concepts that will guide them into their future career development. Career exploration in High School is therefore not only about individual interests but also about establishing positive self-concepts, and enhancing a sense of worthiness and personal responsibility. It is also necessary to ensure that the student is able to understand and identify career development stages, and how he should orient himself towards these stages.


Students have to set reasonable goals and work towards achieving these goals, with suitable timelines. They should be realistic, and they should be able to identify and take on projects as they come along. They have to know how and when to shelve a project, and they need to set a time schedule for each activity and motivate themselves to complete the various activities associated with it. One major aspect of career exploration in High School is for the student to determine his/her long-term plans. He/she should be able to define his goals, and he should also be in a position to recognize projects that might get stopped or canceled, because of time constraints.


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