Career Cluster, A Bridge Between Education and Planning

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Career Cluster, A Bridge Between Education and Planning

Career cluster means a group of careers sharing common attributes. Falling in love with a job from a cluster can probably lead to you liking other jobs from the cluster as well.

Career clusters are groups of similar walks of life and industries. It exhibits the integration of education into career life through planning.


Career clusters are a concept of analysis. But, which are set aside to coordinate information gathered in the school to industrial processes. Imagine teachers, counselors, and parents working with teens, college students, and adults; for proper evaluation of what they learn using state of the art facilities of school into the industry.

Steps to complete a career cluster assessment

The first step is to complete a career cluster assessment.

Career Cluster facilitates the preparation of educationists for careers in management, planning, as well as providing training and education services. A vast number of learners prepare for careers in education and training every year in a variety of settings.


It can be a tedious task to choose a career path, which is why it is essential to consider the perfect career clusters first, like having a taste before buying.


A good career requires planning; the first step in planning a career is to know what your options or possibilities are.


Comparing different career options will help facilitate and guide you in making the correct choice.


Career clusters provide a means of exploring other occupational options—the required skills and knowledge in the career field influence the grouping of each cluster to different pathways.


Each pathway provides instruction as a premise to succeed in a variety of careers and educational pursuits.

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The path gives room for the creation of education programs which are as follows;

  • The curriculum that assists in preparation for the career
  • The program of study at the premise of industrial projection and skill standards.

Career Cluster – Focal Point of Career Pathways

The focal point of the career pathways graph shows knowledge and foundation aptitudes are vital skill sets.

  • Personal finance
  • Employability
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Ethics
  • Career development
  • Analytic skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication

With career clusters, instructors and academicians can explore themselves and plan for the future.


Some highly demanding careers today can become obsolete tomorrow. To be successful in any profession, you need to have good knowledge, the required skills, and be flexible.

Some of the benefits of career clusters to plan a successful career include;

  • Career cluster encourages one to investigate different alternatives accessible through various career fields.
  • Career cluster ingrain energy in youthful researchers. They also become empowered with an assortment of jobs accessible in the industry. At the same time, they get open and exposed to the industry on meeting with specialists in various fields during field trips.
  • Exploring gatherings of related occupations. Importantly, this encourages you to choose and wipe out decisions more rapidly than exploring numerous individual occupations. Also, this spares time and helps in the early selection of career by the academician.
  • Your career should be base on your fantasies and interests.
  • Having prior knowledge of the required skills and experience of a specific position will help grab employers’ attention.


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