Career Change Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

by Adeshina

Career Change Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Career Change Mistake Number One: Trying to Make a Big Move Without a clear Career Plan. Many people make the common mistake of attempting a career change without doing their homework and knowing exactly what kind of career path they want to take.


While most career counselors will advise you to do your homework before beginning a new career, there are some who have an extra-special way of doing things. These counselors know exactly which career change mistakes to avoid and can give you specific advice on how to get through the “dawn of change” with your new career. In most cases, these counselors will not charge you to attend their workshops or seminars but will provide you with a detailed career change plan that will help you succeed during the next step of your career change.


Another common career change mistakes include not having enough information about the company that you are about to join, the salary you will be making, the benefits, and the location you are moving to. Most people, when it comes to choosing a new job, will take one look at the compensation, benefits, and location and go in with their hearts. However, they forget that when it comes to a career change, they are also choosing a new career, so they must think about what they are looking for as well. A career change consultant can help you determine the right things you want from a new company and give you a realistic idea of what your new position will entail. This will help you know exactly what you want before making any career change decisions.


Another common career change mistakes are trying to change jobs too quickly. Instead of allowing your current company time to adapt to the new situation, try to hold off your career change until your new company is ready. Most companies wait for up to two years to get used to a new person or a new program before making an adjustment.


Another one of the most common career change mistakes that people make is attempting a career change because they don’t have enough skills in their current career. Instead of taking a break from their current job to learn new skills, many people will change their careers simply to improve their current skills. This is an unfortunate career move. While it may seem like a good idea, it can actually hurt your career, and put you may even leave your current company to take advantage of new skills.


If you are making any of these mistakes, consider seeking professional help to get through the “dawn of change” phase of your career change. Whether you hire a career counselor or decide to learn more about a career change, these career change mistakes you don’t want to make will be overcome.

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