Canada Immigration

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Canada Immigration


All You Need to Know About Canada Immigration

Canadian immigration is the process in which people immigrate to Canada for either the purpose of living there permanently or for a limited period of time in order to work. There are two major immigration categories under which people can choose to migrate to, permanent and temporary. If you are planning to move to Canada, it is important for you to know the different categories of immigration.

Types of Canada Immigration

First-time applicants for immigration to Canada will have to follow one of two immigration programs to immigrate into the country. These two types of immigration are referred to as ‘registry immigrants’ and ‘points’ immigrants’. As the names imply, registry immigrants are not required to fill out any application forms to immigrate to the country whereas points immigrants need to apply and get the necessary documents to prove their eligibility for a permanent residence in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Immigrants who wish to immigrate to Canada may also choose to apply under the Federal Skilled Trades Program, which is specifically aimed at skilled immigrants. This program, though not a popular program among the general population, can be quite useful especially if you are a skilled worker. With this type of immigration program, you will be able to acquire Canadian work permits and will be eligible for permanent residence in the country after one year of your arrival. This type of program can help skilled workers to start their own businesses or get permanent jobs in Canada, so it is an ideal choice.


If you wish to apply for immigration under the Federal Skilled Trades Program, then you must first obtain a job that is related to your chosen career field from an employer of your choice. Once you have obtained a job, you should immediately apply for an immigration permit with the Canadian immigration authorities. They will be able to process your application and decide whether or not you qualify for a permanent resident card.

Canadian Express Class

The Federal Skilled Trades Program also has a special category of immigrants known as the Canadian Experience Class, which allows immigrant’s case to be considered for permanent residence on the grounds of working in a particular industry for a certain amount of time. This category can also be used for people who have completed a certain level of education, who are trained professionals in the field of their chosen occupation, or who hold higher-education diplomas. People who have studied abroad and who want to return to their homeland are also allowed to apply for immigration under this category.


All the above-mentioned immigration categories require that an applicant should be prepared to fill out a complete application form, which includes information on your educational background and experience, your job history, and personal details. In addition, you must have proof of the financial capability to support yourself in the country where you plan to settle. Once you have filled out the complete application, submit it to the immigration authorities so that they can process it and grant you a visa.


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