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by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Check out the Best Travel Recommendation for You

Oh yeah! Thinking about traveling, I have compiled the Best Travel Recommendation for you.

According to George Moore, an Irish novelist “A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home”. People travel for a number of reasons, which can be for vacation, tourism or sightseeing, business, and some other purposes.

Research has also shown that there are lots of things we can gain from traveling to different places. The list includes gaining new friends, new experiences, new stories, exposure, creativity, and peace of mind. At times traveling around the world isn’t the bone of contention rather the best means to convey oneself to the preferred destination with ease and cost-effective. I would like to open our mind to the three major means of traveling either locally or internationally, from my Best Travel Recommendation, I hope you’d be able to choose by yourself the best mode of transportation, I can’t choose for you because I don’t know your worth.

Road Transport


  • land transports are economical, it is cheap somewhat is safe because the damage of goods or materials is minimal
  • It provides door to door services
  • This is the widest means of transportation with land transport everywhere is accessible
  • It is swift and flexible


  • It has less space compared to other modes of transport.
  • the effectiveness of road transport is dependent on the condition of the road
  • The price is not fixed due to competition and a sudden rise in fuel prices
  • The rate of accident is high and fatal
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Air Transport


  • It is the fastest means of transportation
  • It is very suitable for perishable and valuable goods due to its short time interval
  • Highly comfortable
  • Planes can fly over everywhere, whether it is a hill, forest, sea, or desert.


  • it is costly, only the rich and some middle class can afford it
  • This is unreliable, it is highly influenced by weather condition
  • it is not suitable for the transportation of heavy goods
  • The accident is usually fatal compared to any other means passengers barely survive it

Best Travel Recommendation – Water Transport


  • It is suitable for transporting heavy goods e.g. if you want to travel alongside your car or any other heavy goods, water transport is the best.
  • Water is a natural gift so there is low investment in the construction of waterways.
  • This is not as expensive as air and land transport
  • It is comfortable somewhat.


  • It consumes time i.e. it is the slowest means of transport
  • The depth of the water also has a great influence on the efficiency of water transport
  • Water storm or turbulence can cause the watercraft to capsize which is very dangerous
  • It is not advisable for transporting goods that are perishable

If you are acrophobic don’t think of boarding a plane and also if you’re hydrophobic don’t think of traveling by water, road transport should be your next best option.


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