7 Best Tips For Job Hunting – 4 and 5 is the deal!

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Many people are seeking the best tips for job hunting and the tips are out there. Some people have found them in books, while others have found them on the Internet. But if you want to find the best tips for job hunting, then you need to know what steps to take to get started.

Job hunting is a never-ending process that sometimes takes months before you finally find something that suits you. This is why many people never get where they want to be with the career they desire.

The fact is that many unemployed individuals never really find anything and never find the job of their dreams. Here are some of the best tips for job hunting in this current economy:


1. Research companies.

A good job search starts with your own research. Although there are documented numbers of unemployed individuals, the job market is not a total barren landscape.

There are many companies and industries hiring and you can take action to position yourself in front of these companies with ease.

Researching the recruiting company is easy and all you have to do is go to the website of the company that is recruiting and check for the available position that you can apply to and the requirements and skills needed to get the job position.


2. Leave your comfort zone.

One of the best tips for job hunting during times of economic downturn and a pandemic for hiring is to stay abreast of the newest openings and news.

If your job search is limited to locally, don’t overlook national and international opportunities either. Make sure to always look at all the local news and apply to all the national and international new job openings you find as well.

If you don’t, you may miss out on the perfect new job opening that fits your skill set and experience level.


3. Plan Ahead – Best Tips For Job Hunting

Another one of the best tips for job hunting is to plan ahead. You must do your research about what type of jobs are available in your area, when are they available, what skills and experience do people in your field have that will be appealing to potential employers, etc.

You can do this by reading up on the latest trends in the job search arena or using the job directory or board to conduct the search.

Also, planning can include maintaining a list of all the jobs that you’ve applied for and updating your resume accordingly, and even maintaining some sort of online record-keeping that tracks which positions you’ve already applied for and which ones you’re still looking for.

This kind of preparation will allow you to better determine how to proceed with your job search, as well as how to meet the demands of employers and their hiring processes.


4. Get resume and cover letter help.

Next, you should put together a resume and cover letter that highlight your strengths and skills that are relevant to the job you are applying to.

Start by writing a short paragraph describing your qualifications for the new job opening. Then use your resume to determine what type of skills you have that are relevant, whether you have any related experience or training, etc.

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This will allow you to show employers that not only you have all the necessary skills required, but also that you are able to work under pressure.

Another of the best tips for job hunting is to write a very compelling resume. A resume needs to look professionally done, so you can help yourself by having a few professionally done samples of resumes created by a good resume writer.

Use these samples as examples of how your resume should look, so it will look like a professional composition. Once you have your resume completed and a cover letter that can clearly convey your message to the potential employer, it will help you in getting your dream job.

You can click here to build a free professional Resume through Resume Robins 


5. Online Career websites

The fifth tip for the best tips for job hunting is to participate in online career sites. These career sites make it easy to search for open positions that match your skills and qualifications. If you have an idea of what types of positions are available in your field, you will be able to search accordingly and apply for them.

You can make use of job boards to submit your application so that more people will be able to see it.

There are also some job search sites that allow you to look for a particular position and even narrow down your choices based on your preferences.

Some of these sites also provide feedback for each job that you are applying for and this can help you in determining if the job is perfect for you or not.

You should get started with websites like ZipRecruiter, Naijobs, and other job board websites.

These sites can really help in making you get the ideal job.

There are a lot of job search tips available online, but one of the best tips for job hunting is that you should be able to determine the requirements of a certain company before you apply for a job.


6. Linkedin Profile

Another most important tip out of the best tips for job hunting is to use Linkedin to share information about your previous employment, education, work history, etc.

To do this, create a professional profile by setting up a link to your LinkedIn profile using your name, email address, and perhaps a quick note saying you are looking for a new position.

Then start browsing the profiles of those individuals you have found who fit the criteria you have set up on your LinkedIn profile.

Check out their bios and read about what they do. Find out if they have any previous experience in your field or industry, and check if they are also hiring.

You will then need to contact them via email, asking them whether they would be interested in hiring you – don’t forget to attach a cover letter, which can be scanned and saved for future reference.

You can ask for professional contact with the company or with a human resources manager. Most hiring managers now have a LinkedIn profile, so it may be time to use it to your advantage.


7. Networking

lastly, use the power of networking when looking for work. You may have worked in the past with someone in an organization, or even with a networking group. Many hiring managers will take the recommendations of a former co-worker.

So, before applying for a job, send a cover letter and resume to let them know what type of position you are seeking. You may have worked with the person you’re looking for, but it never hurts to let them know you are interested in working with them again.

These seven best tips for job hunting are extremely important and can make the difference between finding the job you want and not getting it.

There are many other tips available as well, including networking, referrals, etc. It is important to remember that in addition to your abilities, there are other qualities the hiring manager is looking for as well.

Therefore, always dress professionally and present yourself well. Remember to follow these tips for the best tips for job hunting!

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