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by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Five Awesome Places You Need to Visit in London

If you are moving to London from anywhere else in the world, you’ll want to figure out the best places to live in London. There are many different neighbourhoods in London. There are trendy places, professional neighbourhoods, quiet ones, and family-friendly ones. Deciding which area to live in London really should depend upon what your priorities are in terms of a new home. To help you sort out your options and discover the perfect neighbourhood for you, look at a few of the best places to live in London and some helpful tips for finding the perfect location.



This is a popular area to choose for those looking to find an ideal London neighbourhood. Located right near the trendy West End, Brixton is a hip, happening part of the city that is well suited for young people, yet it isn’t expensive, and there are public transportation services that can take you to all the major landmarks within a half hour’s drive. For those who enjoy an eclectic mixture of history, culture, and nightlife, this is a great place to call home.

This is mainly a working-class area of London, but as soon as you step into Brixton, you are transported back in time. There is a distinctly British feel to the area due to its small upper-class population, as well as a reputation for having some fantastic, if not the best, late-night clubs. The average monthly rent in Brixton is around five hundred pounds, which are a bit on the high side for such a desirable area, but still relatively affordable for an exciting, up-and-coming part of town. The Brixton area, like much of London, is becoming more of a destination for tourists and is starting to experience a bit more development, but still has this classic Bohemian feel to it.



This is one of the best areas in London to choose as the location for your new home. This neighbourhood is known as the most trendy in all of London, as well as among the most expensive. You can walk to trendy bars and clubs in an underground tunnel, and there are also many parks and public spaces in this neighbourhood that provide a relaxing atmosphere. This is also a great place to raise a child, as it has a wide variety of schools, both private and public, in the surrounding area.

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This iss another of the top places to live in London. Like Kensington, Camden is a trendy neighbourhood with plenty of stores and a vibrant nightlife. Much of the younger population that is moving to London and settling in one of these up-and-coming London neighbourhoods like Camden is made up of university students, many of whom work part-time during the day and then attend night classes at various colleges or universities in the evening. This is a great opportunity to get to know other students from different parts of the world, as well as learning about life in London while making friends. Living in this area could be a great way to make some lifelong friends as well.

Best Places to Live in London

Finally, you should consider how “hip” your neighbourhood is when looking at where to move to London. If you are looking at somewhere that is more upscale, you might want to consider areas like Camden Town. Or maybe you are looking for something more middle class and serene, like Brixton or DockYard. With so many amazing restaurants, pubs, and bars to choose from in these areas of London, you will be sure to find something that suits your personality and lifestyle. Depending on your budget and what you are looking for in a place to call home, you can find a great place to live no matter what part of London you are choosing.


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