Canadian Passport – See the Best Way to Apply For a Canadian Passport and See the 183 Countries a Canadian Passport can Go Without a Visa

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Get a Canadian Passport Without Stress Today

A Canadian Passport is a national passport issued to all Canadian citizens. It allows the holder to move freely within the country; enter and exit Canada legally, and travel outside Canada according to passport requirements.

With a Canadian passport, you can enter and exit 183 countries out of 195 countries in the world without a visa. That’s how powerful the passport is.

The procedure for obtaining a Canadian Passport involves applying at a Canadian consulate located overseas, or through an online portal.


How Many Countries Can a Canada Passport Go Without Visa

Getting a Canadian passport is a big deal for anyone interested in traveling to a variety of countries around the world. You can enter and exit 183 countries out of 195 countries in the world with a Canadian passport.

According to Passport – photo, See the list of the 140 countries Visa Free Countries for Anybody with a Canada Passport below. The table is arranged by the Countries and how many days you can stay in each Country.




Up to 90 Days. 

American Samoa  You should get an Entry Permit Waiver online, 48 hours before you travel. 
Andorra  Up to 90 Days. 
Anguilla  Up to 1 Month. 
Antigua and Barbuda 

Up to 6 Months 

Argentina  Up to 90 Days. 
Aruba  Up to 30 Days. 
Australia  Up to 90 Days, but you need to apply for the Australian Electronic Travel Authority before you travel. 


Austria  Up to 90 Days. 
Bahamas  Up to 8 Months. 
Barbados  Up to 6 Months 
Belarus  Up to 30 Days but only if you would be using the Minsk International Airport for your arrival and departure. 
Belgium  Up to 90 Days 
Belize  Up to 30 Days. 
Bermuda  Up to 180 Days. 
Bolivia  Up to 90 Days. 
Bonaire; St. Eustatius and Saba  Up to 90 Days. 
Bosnia and Herzegovina  Up to 90 Days in 6 Months. 
Botswana  Up to 90 Days. 
Brazil  Up to 90 Days. 
British Virgin Islands  Up to 30 Days 
Brunei  14 Days. 
Bulgaria  Up to 90 Days in 6 Months. 
Cape Verde Islands  Up to 30 Days, but you need to register through the online portal Efficient Automatic and Safe Entry of Travelers (EASE) at least 5 days before you travel. 
The Cayman Islands  Up to 6 Months. 
Chile  Up to 90 Days. 
Colombia  Up to 90 Days. 
Cook Islands  Up to 31 days. 
Costa Rica  Up to 90 Days. 
Croatia  Up to 90 Days. 
Curacao  Up to 3 Months. 
Cyprus  Up to 90 Days. 
Czech Republic  Up to 90 Days. 
Denmark  Up to 90 Days. 
Dominica  Up to 6 Months. 
Dominican Republic  Up to 6 Months. 
Ecuador  Up to 90 Days. 
El Salvador  Up to 3 Months. 
Estonia  Up to 90 Days. 
Eswatini (Swaziland)  Up to 30 Days. 
Falkland Islands  Up to 4 Weeks and You would get a visitors permit on arrival.  
Faroe Islands  Up to 90 Days. 
Fiji  Up to 4 Months. 
Finland  Up to 90 Days. 
France  Up to 90 Days. 
French Guiana  Up to 90 Days. 
French Polynesia  Up to 90 Days. 
French West Indies  Up to 90 Days. 
The Gambia  Up to 90 Days. 
Georgia  Up to 360Days. 
Germany  Up to 90 Days. 
Gibraltar  Up to 180 Days. 
Greece  Up to 90 Days. 
Greenland  Up to 90 Days. 
Grenada  Up to 3 Months. 
Guam  Up to 45 Days 
Guatemala  Up to 90 Days. 
Guyana  Up to 3 Months. 
Haiti  Up to 3 Months. 
Honduras  Up to 3 Months. 
Hong Kong  Up to 3 Months. 
Hungary  Up to 90 Days. 
Iceland  Up to 90 Days. 
Indonesia  Up to 30 Days. 
Ireland  Up to 90 Days. 
Israel  Up to 3 Months. 
Italy  Up to 90 Days. 
Jamaica  Up to 90 Days. 
Japan  Up to 90 Days. 
Kazakhstan  Up to 30 Days. 
Kiribati  Up to 30 Days. 
Kosovo  Up to 90 Days. 
Kyrgyzstan  Up to 60 Days. 
Latvia  Up to 90 Days. 
Lesotho  Up to 90 Days. 
Liechtenstein  Up to 90 Days. 
Lithuania  Up to 90 Days. 
Luxembourg  Up to 90 Days. 
Macao  Up to 30 Days. 
Malaysia  Up to 3 Months. 
Malta  Up to 90 Days. 
Mauritius  Up to 90 Days. 
Mayotte  Up to 30 Days. 
Mexico  Up to 180 Days. 
Micronesia  Up to 30 Days. 
Moldova  Up to 90 Days. 
Monaco  Up to 90 Days. 
Mongolia  Up to 30 Days. 
Montenegro  Up to 90 Days. 
Montserrat  Up to 6 Months 
Morocco  Up to 3 Months. 
Namibia  Up to 3 Months. 
Netherlands  Up to 90 Days. 
New Caledonia  Up to 90 Days. 
New Zealand  Up to 90 Days, but you need to apply for NZ Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) before your departure. 
Nicaragua  Up to 90 Days. 
Niue  Up to 30 Days. 
Northern Mariana Islands  Up to 90 Days 
North Macedonia  Up to 90 Days. 
Norway  Up to 90 Days. 
Palestinian  Up to 90 Days. 
Panama  Up to 180 Days. 
Peru  Up to 90 Days. 
Philippines  Up to 30 Days. 
Poland  Up to 90 Days. 
Portugal  Up to 90 Days. 
Puerto Rico  Up to 180 Days. 
Qatar  Up to 30 Days. 
Réunion  Up to 90 Days. 
Romania  Up to 90 Days. 
San Marino  Up to 90 Days. 
Sao Tome and Principe  Up to 15 Days. 
Senegal  Up to 90 Days. 
Serbia  Up to 90 Days. 
Singapore  Up to 30 Days. 
Slovakia  Up to 90 Days. 
Slovenia  Up to 90 Days. 
South Africa  Up to 90 Days. 
South Korea  Up to 6 Months. 
Spain  Up to 90 Days. 
Sri Lanka  Up to 30 days, but you need to apply for Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) before your departure. 
St. Kitts and Nevis  Up to 6 Months. 
St. Lucia  Up to 6 Weeks. 
St. Maarten  Up to 3 Months. 
St. Vincent and the Grenadines  Up to 6 Months. 
Sweden  Up to 90 Days. 
Switzerland  Up to 90 Days. 
Taiwan  Up to 90 Days. 
Thailand  Up to 30 Days. 
Trinidad and Tobago  Up to 90 Days. 
Tunisia  Up to 4 Months. 
Turks and Caicos Islands  Up to 90 Days. 
Ukraine  Up to 90 Days. 
United Kingdom  Up to 6 Months. 
The United States of America  Up to 6 Months. 
Uruguay  Up to 3 Months. 
US Virgin Islands  Up to 6 Months. 
Uzbekistan  Up to 30 Days. 
Vanuatu  Up to 30 Days. 
Vatican City  Up to 90 Days. 


45 countries required that Canadian citizens should apply for a visa on arrival, see the table below for the list of the countries and the days you could stay in each country for. 

Armenia  Up to 180 days within 1 Year. 
Bahrain  Up to 14 Days. 
Benin   Up to 8 Days. 
Bangladesh  Up to 30 Days. 
Burkina Faso  Up to 1 Month. 
Cambodia  Up to 30 Days. 
Cape Verde Islands  Up to 30 Days. 
Comoros Islands  Up to 45 Days. 
Egypt  Up to 30 Days. 
Ethiopia  Up to 90 Days. 
Gabon  Up to 90 Days. 
Guinea-Bissau  Up to 90 Days. 
Iraq  Up to 15 Days, but you are only allowed to use the Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports as your arrival and departure. 
Jordan  Up to 30 Days. 
Kenya  Up to 3 Months. 
Kuwait  Up to 3 Months. 
Laos  Up to 30 Days. 
Lebanon  Up to 1 Month. 
Madagascar  Up to 90 Days. 
Malawi  Up to 30 Days Per Entry. 
Maldives  Up to 30 days. 
The Marshall Islands  Up to 90 Days. 
Mauritania  Up to 90 days * 
Mozambique  Up to 30 Days. 
Nepal  Up to 90 Days. 
Palau Islands  Up to 30 Days. 
Papua New Guinea  Up to 60 Days. 
Paraguay  Up to 90 Days, but you are only allowed to use the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport in Asunción as your arrival and departure.  
Rwanda  Up to 30 Days. 
Samoa  Up to 60 Days. 
Saudi Arabia  Up to 90 Days. 
Seychelles  Up to 3 Months. 
Sierra Leone  90 Days. * 
The Solomon Islands  Up to 3 Months. 
Somalia  Up to 30 Days, but you are only allowed to use the Berbera, Borama, Burao, Erigavo, Hargeisa, Bosaso, Galcaio, and Mogadishu airports. 
St. Helena  Up to 90 Days. 
Tanzania  Up to 3 Months. 
Timor-Leste  Up to 30 Days. 
Togo  Up to 7 Days. 
Tonga  Up to 31 Days. 
Tuvalu  Up to 1 Month. 
Uganda  Up to 45 Days. 
The United Arab Emirates  Up to 30 Days. 
Zambia  Up to 90 Days. 
Zimbabwe  Up to 90 Days. 


The following 34 countries are the countries that only need you to get an eVisa before you depart to the country. Check it out below:

Angola  Up to 30 Days. 
Armenia  Up to 180 Days within a year. 
Azerbaijan  Up to 30 Days. 
Bahrain  Up to 14 Days. 
Benin  Up to 30 Days. 
Cambodia  Up to 30 Days. 
Bahrain  Up to 14 Days. 
Côte d’Ivoire  Up to 3 Months. 
Djibouti  Up to 31 Days. 
Egypt  Up to 30 Days. 
Ethiopia  Up to 90 Days. 
Gabon  Up to 90 Days. 
Guinea  Up to 5 Years. 
Guinea-Bissau  Up to 90 Days. 
Kenya  Up to 3 Months. 
Kuwait  Up to 3 Months. 
Laos  Up to 90 Days. 
Madagascar  Up to 30 Days. 
Malawi  Up to 30 Days Per Entry. 
Myanmar  Up to 28 Days. 
Oman  Up to 30 Days. 
Papua New Guinea  Up to 60 Days. 
Rwanda  Up to 30 Days. 
Saudi Arabia  Up to 90 Days. 
Sri Lanka  Up to 30 Days. 
Suriname  Up to 90 Days. 
Tajikistan  Up to 45 Days. 
Tanzania  Up to 3 Months. 
Turkey  Up to 3 Months. 
Vietnam  Up to 30 Days. 
Zambia  Up to 30 Days. 
Zimbabwe  Up to 90 Days. 
South Sudan  Up to 6 Months. 

How to Apply For an Electronic Visa (eVisa)

You can apply for an eVisa by searching google with this keyword template – “Apply for Country+eVisa”. For example, Type in “Apply for Zimbabwe eVisa” on the search engine.

Click on the first result and follow the command.


Application Process For a Canadian Passport

The most important step on how to apply for a Canadian Passport is studying the application process or procedure required by the Government of Canada.

To apply for a Canadian passport, you would need the following;

I. Fill the required application form.

II. Passport Photographs

III. Required documents

IV. A Guarantor

V. Two References

IV. And Application Fees

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Who Can Apply For a Canadian Passport?

In order to acquire a Canadian Passport, an applicant needs to be a citizen of Canada and must have attained the age of sixteen years.

To obtain a Canadian passport, applicants need to apply online via the Canadian Immigration website. However, applicants can also apply in person through a Passport office in their area or at a Canadian consulate abroad.

Requirements For a Canadian Passport

To get a Canadian Passport, you must be of legal age, a permanent resident of Canada, and or a Canadian citizen.

Canadian Passport application requires some important information such as name, age, address, contact details, birth date, and nationality.

Some of the documents required are birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce records, divorce decrees, death records, and transcripts of birth and death.

Passport application also requires information regarding employment, financial status, registration of business, ownership of property, and ownership of vehicles. It is also necessary to state whether one is subject to any special privilege.

Furthermore, If you would like to renew your Canadian passport, your current passport must not have been damaged, reported as stolen, or lost,

The passport must have been issued with a 5 to 10 years validity and should show that it was issued to you when you were at least sixteen years of age.

Your current passport should also have the same name, date of birth, address, and place of birth that you would like to be on the new passport.

It should also be the same gender identifier that you want on the new passport.

In addition, children of Canadian citizens are also entitled to obtain a passport and accompanying immunization upon reaching the age of 10 years. Although, they may apply for a child passport later on when they become eligible for one.

You can apply for a child passport if you are one of the child’s parents and you can provide the parentage. You can also apply for the child’s passport if you are the child’s guardian, and you can show proof of legal guardianship.

You can apply for a child passport if you are the custodial parent based on divorce and you should be able to provide the legal documents to back it up. Click here to Apply for a Child Passport.


How to Apply For a Canadian Passport

To apply for a passport, you need to fill a form and submit some required documents. The documents and form that you would be required to submit depend on where you are applying from, inside of Canada?  The United States? Outside of Canada and The United States?

Click here to choose where you are applying from and start your Canada passport application.



Obtaining a Canadian Passport does not need to be a worrisome task, provided that one applies for it well in advance. There are many ways to get Canadian passports, some of which are faster and easier than others.

Those who want speedy processing of their applications should apply online. Those who prefer convenience and anonymity should opt to get their Canadian passports through accredited agencies.


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