Airport Travel Tips – You Need These Tips

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


Do you intend to fly within your country or diaspora?

I have compiled some of the best and amazing airport travel tips for you. This content would give you some insights on how to go about it with less stress whether this is your first time as a flyer or a frequent flyer and be ready to go through series of protocols; airport protocol is a nightmare to all flyers regardless of the type of plane ticket you book for be it business, economy or first class, but with the following Airport Travel Tips, I got you covered.

  • Know where the airport is located: it is very important to know where the airport is beforehand to prevent delay and unforeseen circumstances on the day of your trip.
  • Book early flight if possible; it is advisable to book early morning flights because there are fewer crowds during the early hours but most people don’t like waking up early; and also such flights are sometimes a lot cheaper. Look for space and seat that will be of great comfort all seats are not the same; the sitting arrangement at the middle are not comfortable, take a seat close to the window so that you can enjoy the view also a select seat that is close to the restroom for easy access.
  • Pack important things; make sure to pack anything you feel it is necessary during the cause of your trips such as important documents, electronic gadgets, toiletries, and your snacks.
  • It is advisable to drop copies of important documents with close friends and family; courtesy demands that you notify any of your friends or family members of your whereabouts because you don’t know what the future holds.
  • Always have your identification documents on you; this important to avoid harassment by the airport authorities; make sure all your papers are within your reach.
  • Be time conscious; always be at the airport as early as possible; this would save you from a lot of stress. The airport line is always annoying and frustrating.
  • You should always be on a look-out for your luggage; it takes just a few seconds to switch it up with ones from other passengers
  • Always take the left line; it is the right line to take because it is always closer to the business and first-class which is usually less busy at times; the security agent allows people on economy check-in to pass to save time
  • Always have your electronic gadgets such as laptops, phones, power banks on you; because you would be asked to place them aside from the rest of your luggage.
  • Ensure to get rid of all kinds of metallic materials on you; to avoid obstruction while passing through a metal detector.
  • When you are on board make sure you have a sweater and neck rest on you for your comfort; also make sure you fasten your seat belt.
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Lloyd Siwik December 12, 2020 - 4:43 pm

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Bonjour madame où messieurs comment faire pour obtenir un visa de travail pour le Canada, j’ai déjà un passeport valide et un permit de conduite catégorie B, s’il vous plaît aide moi à obtenir un visa

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