Affiliate Disclosure

by Atupa

Hello Guardians,

A lot of people are confused about what an affiliate disclosure is, so let me try to explain it briefly.

My Blog Posts may include affiliate links to services or products and I will earn a commission on purchases that you make through the affiliate links, this will not in any way increase your cost or the initial cost of the products and or services.

I am just being compensated with the commission because the user is coming from my website and also for writing my honest opinion about a service or product.

Buying a product or subscribing to a service through any of my affiliate links will in no way incur any additional cost to you.

I put up these affiliate links on my posts because I am convinced that they will be of great benefit and value to you which will greatly influence your life.

With full disclosure, of course, Guard To Finance is a for-profit business, which means I do earn an income with this website.

To be sure we are on the same page, please treat any link leading to products or services as an affiliate link which if you buy a product or you subscribe to a service, I will receive a commission, Thanks to you.

This disclosure is in accordance with the FTC that requests that affiliate links should be disclosed.

Thank you!

Misbaudeen Adeshina