4 Safest Countries to Travel To

by Misbaudeen Adeshina


What You Need to Know About the Safest Countries to Travel To

When it comes to traveling, there are many European countries that should be included in the “list” of the safest countries to travel to. Some might argue against this, citing their history of war and terrorism. While the war in Iraq is still fresh in the minds of most Americans, many tourists are electing to travel to some of the more “safe” European countries. This, despite the recent uptrend in crime rates in many of these European countries. Let’s look at a few of the safest European countries to travel to, as listed by Trip Advisor:


  • Finland – ranked number 11 safest countries to travel to in Europe after Greece and Poland. It has one of the best views from the Aland Islands. Finland is home to the largest minority ethnic group in the world. Many of its residents are of foreign origin. Overall, Finland is a great place for a female traveler to visit.


  • Malta – rated number 15 by Trip Advisor. The island of Malta is one of the top destinations in Europe for tourists who love history. The country has a rich history that includes Roman and British rule. The current covid-19 updates make it harder to get counterfeit jewelry, but the rest of the island is safe to shop in and has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.
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  • Netherlands – ranked number 8 by Trip Advisor. One of the most welcoming countries in the European continent, the Netherlands is located in the North Sea surrounded by Germany, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, and Denmark. The country has beautiful beaches, fantastic architecture, and interesting museums. The new decade will not be able to shake the affection many Europeans have for the Netherlands. This will make the country a top choice for travellers who are planning a vacation for the next year and wondering which countries are the safest.


  • France – rated number 7 by Trip Advisor. The nation is located in Central Europe, which has an abundance of destinations. Tourists travelling to France will find some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe as well as some of the most romantic settings.


All of these destinations are rated very highly by independent review agencies. It is important to take advantage of these resources when deciding where to go and for how long. By doing so you can be sure to have a great vacation with much less risk than you might otherwise have by travelling during the times of the year when there is much less coverage in the area. Always remember that the safest places to travel to are not always the destinations with the highest ratings by rating agencies.


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